Ruling on photographing women

Question: The secret letter of the capital police chief, No. )2598 C2) dated (14 / 12 / 1398 AH) – a copy sent as an attachment- based on the secret letter of the prison director of Makkah No. (1834 MK /23) in (10/12/1398 AH) stating: The director of Makkah prisons has a lot of troubles and problems in women prison, especially when matching the prisoners names with the bench warrants because it is difficult for him to know who is written in the bench warrant as a result of impersonation. He wants to photograph them and send the photographs with the bench warrant to end these problems and troubles. He wants to photograph all of them and put their photographs in the bench warrant to identify them easily.

Answer: Taking photo of animate creatures is prohibited, especially, of women because their bodies are unlawful to appear. Rather, they should be covered, for they are seductive to men. It is authentically reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said… read more here.

Keeping photos as mementos

Question: What is the ruling on pictures found in newspapers and Islaamic magazines? Is it permissible to possess and keep the photos taken as mementos without hanging them on the wall?

Answer: It is not permissible to keep the photos taken as mementos, but they should be wiped out, for the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to `Alee (may Allaah be pleased with him)… read more here.

Taking photos of the bride, bridegroom, and their families at weddings

Question: I want to describe to you something that people have adopted as a recent custom. Since around 1390 A.H. Approximately, people have become accustomed to arranging wedding ceremonies, during which they take the bride and the bridegroom home in a procession and then take many photos of them and their families. These photos are then distributed among the relatives and friends as gifts. Weddings are now seen as incomplete without this custom, except by less than one percent of the population, although it is refuted by sound reason. What is the religious opinion on this?

Please advise us – and may Allaah enlighten you – through broadcasts, newspapers, or “Da`wah Magazine”. However, if you answer me through the magazine, please cite irrefutable evidence, whether of its prohibition or permissibility. May Allaah protect you!

Answer: What you mentioned regarding taking photos of the bride, the bridegroom, and their families during wedding ceremonies is Haraam (prohibited) and is one of the bad wedding customs. This is so, because taking pictures of beings with a soul is absolutely Haraam and a major sin… read more here.