Lying to and deceiving the ruler

Question: The governmental system does not allow government employees to open a shop of their own. Is it permissible to open a shop under the name of another person, who is unemployed by the government, and run this shop with a power of attorney that gives me the right to all the business transactions and to bear its profit and loss? Is this permissible?

Answer: If that is the status quo (in your country), then you are not allowed to do that, because it involves lying to and deceiving the authorities, and using trickery to violate the regulations which they set to maintain the flow of governmental work, which was entrusted to you to serve the nation, and guard public interest against self-interest… read more here.

Taking money to break the law

Question: The current laws in Egypt allow pharmacists to own only two pharmacies. Some pharmacists are not satisfied with this, because they would like to expand their business. Pharmacists wishing to own three or four pharmacies do so by breaching pharmacy licensing law. They agree with other pharmacists who do not own a pharmacy, or have only one, to allow them to use their names in order to open a third. In return, they pay them a sum of money every month or every year. What is the ruling on this agreement and this money? Is this perjury or a form of cooperation for relieving the hardships that people face and an escape from the restrictions of positive (man-made) laws? Please advise us!

Answer: The mentioned agreement is not permissible because it involves lying, forging, cheating authorities, and violation of regulations set for the public interest and does not contradict Sharee‘ more here.