Performing Hajj on behalf of someone who used to slaughter animals to other than Allaah

Question 271: I had an uncle whose father died a long time ago. My uncle says his father would offer Salaah and observe Sawm, but he used to slaughter sacrifices for people other than Allaah. His father fell ill three months before his death. There was a deep cut in his pubes which caused him to be confined to bed. During those three months, he would not offer Salaah. He died at the end of those three months. He did not know that a sick person is not exempt from offering Salaah. My uncle wants to know whether it is permissible for him to offer Hajj for the sake of his dead father or not?

Answer: If the father of your uncle died without repenting of slaughtering for people other than Allaah and not praying during his illness, he will be regarded as a Mushrik (associating others in worship with Allah in His Divinity or worship) and it will not be permissible to perform Hajj for his father. This is because Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He) says, But if they had joined in worship others with Allaah, all that they used to do would have been of no benefit to them. The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, The step right before becoming a Kaafir (disbeliever) and a Mushrik is the abandonment of Salaah (prayers).... read more here.