Zakaah on rabbits

Question 6: How should I pay Zakaah on rabbits if I buy, breed and sell them?

Answer: Zakaah is due on rabbits that are used in trade if their value reaches the Nisaab (the minimum amount on which Zakaah is due) on their own or by being added to other objects on which Zakaah is due and after a year passes… read more here.


Making up for missed Salaah due to unconsciousness in the hospital

Question 6: My ninety-nine year old father was hit in a car accident. He was taken to a hospital where he remained unconscious for seventeen days during which he did not perform Salaah. When he recovered, he asked about making up for the missed Salaahs. Please advise!

Answer: If he was conscious during the period when he abandoned Salaah, he should make up for the missed Salaahs according to his ability, whether standing, sitting, or lying on his side or back. He should observe them in the same order from the first day missed starting with the first Salaah… read more here.