Way to teach non-Arabic speaking Muslims their Deen

Question 9: I have relatives in France who will come to spend their summer vacation with us that extends to two months or a month and a half. What is your advice with regard to teaching them the Deen (religion) of Islaam? They are Muslims but they do not master the Arabic language, orally or written. Should I begin with teaching them Arabic and then give them books, or should I teach them all about Tawheed (monotheism), or should I teach them Salaah (Prayer), Tahaarah (ritual purification), Zakaah (obligatory charity) and Sawm (Fast)? Please advise us of a way to convey the Deen of Islaam. May Allaah guide us and guide others through us!

Answer: If you are not qualified to teach them in their own language yourself nor do you know of others who can teach them matters of their Deen in their own language, then you should teach them how to speak and write Arabic first.They should have a level that is sufficient for teaching them the principles of their Deen… read more here.