If a person oversleeps until sunrise and does not perform Fajr Prayer, how can they perform Salaah?

Question 3: Allaah has guided me to obey Him. I offer the daily prayers on time except for Fajr (Dawn). Sometimes I get up late after sunrise. Is my Fajr Prayer offered at that time valid? How can a Muslim make up for the Salaah they missed like `Asr (Afternoon) Prayer? Will they make up for it at the time of the Maghrib (Sunset) Prayer or delay it until the next `Asr Prayer?

Answer: The Salaah you miss due to sleep or forgetfulness should be offered the moment you wake up or the moment you remember. It does not matter if you wake up or remember it after sunrise. This is based on the Hadeeth in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) said… read  more here.