Breaking Sawm of Ramadaan for a baker

Question: There is a man in our village who works in a bakery. This man offers Salaah (Prayer) and observes Sawm (Fast) in Ramadaan – all praise be to Allaah – but he asked me if he is permitted to break his Sawm during Ramadaan? Please note that when he bakes the bread, he has to stand in front of the strong heat of the fire for a long time during the day when he is observing Sawm, so he gets very thirsty and exhausted from his work. I hope that Your Eminence will answer my question on this matter, if Allaah (Exalted be He) wills.

Answer: This man is not permitted to break his Sawm; in fact, fasting is obligatory on him. Baking bread in the daytime of Ramadaan is not a legitimate excuse for breaking the Sawm. He should work according to his more here.

A 15 year old boy breaking Sawm during Ramadaan

Question: What is the ruling on a 15-year-old youth who breaks his Sawm (Fast) during Ramadaan under the excuse that he is very tired and cannot complete his Sawm? If he is required to make up for the missed Sawm, can he make up for it after the next Ramadaan?

Answer: It is prohibited for a Mukallaf (person meeting the conditions to be held legally accountable for their actions) – someone who is a sane, adult, healthy, resident (non-traveling) Muslim – to break their Sawm during the daytime in Ramadaan. If they experience hardship and are forced by necessity to break their Sawm, exactly as someone who is forced by necessity to eat dead meat, they may only eat as much as is needed to remove the more here.