Is it permissible to perform Hajj on behalf of one’s mother?

Question 3: What is the ruling on my sister’s bequest that I should perform Hajj on her behalf? Is it obligatory for me to perform Hajj on her behalf before performing Hajj on behalf of my mother and then on behalf of my father – if Allaah wills that I do so? Or, should the bequest be enforced by my sister’s son who now lives in the Kingdom? I mean that each of us should perform Hajj on behalf of his mother.

Answer: Having performed Hajj on behalf of oneself, a person may perform Hajj on behalf of their mother and then on behalf of their father… read more here.

Hiring someone to recite the Qur’aan dedicating its reward to a dead person

Question 2: I heard some students of religious knowledge in the Makkan Haram (The sacred Mosque in Makkah) saying that it is not permissible to hire someone to teach the Qur’an for the soul of a dead person. This practice is common in my country and in other countries. I hope Your Eminence will issue us a Fatwaa based on religious evidence in this regard. Also what should we do if the person wrote in his will that a Qur’an reciter should be hired to teach the Qur’aan on his behalf?

Answer: Hiring a person to recite the Qur’an for the deceased in order to carry out his will is a Bid’ah (innovation in religion), so executing it is not permissible according to the statement of the Prophet (peace be upon him)… read more here.

A Muslim to bequeathed that his corpse should be donated to a scientific institute

Question 1: Is it permissible for a Muslim to bequeath his children to donate his corpse to a scientific institute or a university? Is it permissible for a student to dissect a corpse and cut its parts as it is done in Europe?

Answer: It is not permissible for him to bequeath that his corpse should be donated to a scientific institute or a university to be dissected… read more here.