I am a teacher in a school, students bring gifts after the final grades are announced, is this bribe?

Question 5: I am a teacher in a school for literacy. After the first semester, when the final grades are announced and certifications are given, they bring me gifts. I accept them due to the persistence of the students. Is it permissible to accept these gifts? Are they considered bribery?

Answer: Giving a gift to a teacher in a regular school, whether it is public or private, is considered bribery. It is, therefore, impermissible to give or accept these gifts… read more here.

Bribing police officers for not having driving license

Question 4: A truck driver was carrying unlicensed cargo. On his way, he was stopped by some police officers who demanded his driving license as well as the license of the cargo. Producing none of them, they said that they would confiscate both the truck and the cargo. At the end, they asked him to pay a sum of money in return for letting him go away with the truck and the cargo. Is this money considered a bribe or not?

Answer: If the reality is as you have mentioned, it is Haraam (prohibited) for the said driver to pay any of the money required… read more here.

Some tourist agencies charge some money to the officials to get Hajj visas, is this bribe?

Question 3:  Some tourist agencies organize Hajj and `Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) trips. They have to pay some money to the officials to get Hajj visas; otherwise, they would not get them. This money is not given in an official way and is not for certain procedures for getting Hajj visas; is this money considered a bribe, and if it is, is it not permissible for us to perform Hajj by means of these travel agencies or will they hold the responsibility even if we know what they do?

Answer: This money paid is considered a bribe, therefore, it is not permissible to deal with them, given that there are many other travel agencies… read more here.

Some people give a bribe to the employee entrusted with counting the sheep to record a higher number

Question 2: The government counts the sheep and sends fodder according to the number of sheep. Some people give a bribe to the employee entrusted with counting the sheep to record a higher number in order to get more fodder. It should be noted that fodder is sufficient for the exiting sheep only. We hope to have your Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) on this issue!

Answer: It is not permissible to pay or accept a bribe. The false number the employee records is falsehood and forbidden… read more here.

Giving a bribe to reduce the taxes on the car he is going to buy

Question 1: One of the people delegated to work at the Islaamic and Arabic Sciences Institute in Indonesia asks about the following: Every person carrying a personal passport delegated to work in this country has the right to be exempted from the customs duties required on any car they would like to buy, If the value of the car plus the customs duties is estimated at a hundred million Rupiah for example, they can buy it for only fifty million Rupiah. The problem is that if a person tries to get the car, they would not be able to do so, as the agent of the embassy offers to give them money to sign over their right so that he would be able to buy this car and resell it to benefit from the difference of customs’ tax.

The Question: Is such an act permissible? If I am unable to buy this car because of the complications faced when dealing with public offices by this agent until the exemption period ends, or if I do not want to buy a car, is it permissible for me to take the money instead ?

Answer: Taking this sum of money from the embassy agent or from any other person is impermissible, as this is delusion… read more here.