Ruling on reading the virtues of Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir

Question: What is the ruling concerning gathering one’s neighbours to read the virtues of Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir, believing that this leads to the love of Awliyaa (pious people), then offering a feast honoring the guests acting upon the Hadeeth which reads: “He who believes in Allaah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his guest.” What is the ruling on that? Is it Haraam (prohibited) or Makrooh (disliked) or Sunnah (a commendable act as done by the Prophet)?

Answer: Love of the Awliyaa’ of Allaah and honoring a guest are among the most outstanding virtues of Shari`ah and exhorted by the Qur’aan and the Sunnah… read more here.

Excessiveness of the Qaadiriyyah Order

Question: The questioner would like to be given a general idea about the Qaadiriyyah Tareeqah (Sufi order). He read one of the Qaadiriyyah books: “Al-Fiyudat Al-Rabbaaniyyah fi Al-Ma’athir wa Al-Awrad Al-Qaadiriyyah”, and saw a poem including some of the claims and feats performed by the shaykh of this Tareeqah. He asks if what is said in this poem is true or untrue.

The questioner sent the poem along with his question to ask for a general Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) on it.

Answer: The poem that was sent by the questioner shows that the one who wrote it was ignorant, as the things that he ascribes to himself are Kufr (disbelief) and misguidance. He claims that all the scholars’ knowledge has been derived from his knowledge and is part of him… read more here.