The Bid`ah of holding banquets on birthdays celebrating the Prophet and righteous people

Question: In Tanzania we hold a banquet in a special location in our town where we gather and say: “This banquet is offered by the founder of Qaadiriyyah Tareeqah (Sufi order).”

Is this act regarded as Bid`ah (innovation in religion) or does it comply with the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him)? We do not visit the Masaajid (mosques), unless we make this banquet and recite the birth narrative of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Is there anything wrong with these practices?

Answer: No banquets were held for honoring any of the late righteous men during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Sahaabah (Companions of the Prophet), or the Salaf (righteous predecessors… read more here.

Ruling on following some Sufi Tariqahs such as Al-Shaadhiliyyah

Question: Is there any harm if a Muslim follows the Tareeqah (Sufi order) ascribed to shaykh `Abd Al-Qaadir or Aboo Al-Hasan Al-Shaadhlee? Is it a Sunnah (a commendable act) or a Bid`ah (innovation in religion)?

Answer: It is narrated by ‘Aboo Daawood and other Compilers of the Sunan on the authority of Al-`Irbaad Ibn Saariyah who said… read more here.

Invalidity of the permission granted by a shaykh to his follower and claiming so

Question: Some Sufis say that the permission granted by one of their shuyookh to his disciple is done by saying: “O Follower, I permit you to recite in His remembrance ‘Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allaah’ (There is no deity except Allaah) 140 times reported through chains of transmission to the Prophet (peace be upon him), then to Jibreel (Gabriel) and then to Allaah (Exalted be He)”.

Is this saying valid or not? Is this permission authentically reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him) or is it an act of Bid`ah (innovation in religion)?

Answer: Remembrance of Allaah (Praised be He) is to recite His Book and authentic remembrance formulas reported from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him); whether by Tasbeeh (Saying Subhaan Allah [Glory is due to Allaah]), Tahmeed (saying Al-Hamdullilaah [Praise is due to Allaah]), Takbeer (Saying Allaah Akbar [Allaah is Most Great]) or Tahleel (Saying La Ilaaha Illaa Allaah [There is no deity except Allaah]), as has been ordained by Allaah and recommended by His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)… read more here.

Falsity of claiming that Thikr is better than the obligatory Salaah and refuting it

Question: Some Sufis say that Thikr (Remembrance of Allaah) is better than the obligatory Salaah. Allah says: …and the remembering (praising) of (you by) Allaah (in front of the angels) is greater Is Thikr of Allaah better than Salaah as they say?

Answer: Allaah orders us to offer Thikr. Allaah (Exalted be He) says: O you who believe! Remember Allaah with much remembrance. And glorify His Praises morning and afternoon [the early morning (Fajr) and ‘Asr prayers]. He (Exalted be He) points out that hearts receive tranquility and rest by remembering Him… read more here.

Is the dead body of a Walee (pious person) raised to heaven after his death?

Question: It is said that when a Walee (pious person) dies and is buried in a grave, the angels come to take his body out and raise it to heaven. Is this statement true?

Answer: No, it is not true. Rather, the soul is raised to heaven and its doors will be opened if the soul belongs to a believer… read more here.