Self insinuations

Question: I am a nineteen-year-old man. Praise be to Allaah, I offer Salaah (Prayer) congregationally at the Masjid (mosque), even Fajr (Dawn) Prayer. Sometimes, I pronounce the Athaan (call to Prayer), and I have memorized six parts of the Qur’aan. However, there is something which bothers me; when I sit alonein my room, or when I sleep, I imagine that I have traveled to London and committed Zinaa (sexual intercourse outside marriage) there with immoral girls. Am I considered to be a sinner?

This does not affect me to the extent of masturbation, except rarely. However, I am afraid that the Hadeeth which implies that if a person’s Salaah does not prohibit them from committing evil, Allaah will not accept them, applies to me.

Answer: First: A Muslim is not accountable for obsessions and self-talk, as it is authentically reported that the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said: Allaah forgave my people the evil promptings which arise within their hearts, as long as they do not speak about them or act upon them. Second: Masturbation is Haraam (prohibited).… read more here.

Doubting that a person’s good deeds are out of showing off

Question: I intend to pray, fast, recite the Qur’aan and strive hard to implement the obligations of the Qur’aan and Sunnah, but sometimes I feel I am doing this to gain people’s admiration, so I quit doing some good deeds out of fear. How can I get rid of this feeling?

Answer: You have to carry out the rituals of Islaam in obedience to Allaah’s orders and seeking reward from Him… read more here.