Making up for missed acts of worship during Riddah

Question: It is said that verbal Riddah (apostasy) takes place by uttering words to that effect such as insulting one’s religion. It is also said that one who apostatizes in word through such insulting or the like annuls whatever good deeds that preceded that apostasy like Salaah (Prayer), Sawm (fasting), Zakaah (obligatory charity), etc, or a vow that was made. Is that person obliged to make up for what was missed or what was annulled because of Riddah or not? If the answer is in the affirmative, should he make up for missed days of fasting consecutively or not?

Answer: Types of Riddah were pointed out earlier; and it is not a condition for it to occur that the Murtad (apostate) says, “I apostatize from Islaam.”… read more here.

Verbal, practical and doctrinal forms of Riddah

Question: It is said that Riddah (apostasy) may be committed either by words or actions. I hope that you briefly clarify for me the verbal, practical and doctrinal forms of Riddah.

Answer: Riddah is reverting to Kufr (disbelief) after accepting Islaam. It may be by word, action, erroneous belief or doubt. Consequently, whoever associates other partners with Allaah; denies His Lordship, His Oneness, one of His Attributes or some of His Books or Messengers… read more here.