A Muslim proving his ability to overcome needs and desires through Sawm

Question: Does a Muslim prove his ability to overcome needs and desires through Sawm (fasting)? How does a Muslim see the reality of the world?

Answer: Allaah obligates the Sawm of Ramadaan for the interest of His servants to discipline their spirit to promote them to human perfection… read more here.

Salmaan’s Hadeeth on the excellence of Ramadaan

Question: In one of his Friday Khutbahs (Sermons), a Khateeb (preacher) mentioned the Hadeeth narrated by Salmaan who reported that Allaah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) gave them (his Companions) a sermon on the last day of Sha`baan etc. At that point, one of the attendees of the sermon went against the Imaam publicly telling him that the Hadeeth narrated by Salmaan is a Mawdoo` (fabricated) Hadeeth. From among what he (the Khateeb) mentioned, “Whoever feeds a fasting person, Allaah will make him drink from my Hawd (Prophet’s lake in Paradise) a drink that quenches his thirst until he enters Paradise” and “Whoever relieves his slave, will be forgiven by Allaah and protected from Hell-fire.” The objecting person said that these sayings are falsely ascribed to Allaah’s Messenger and whoever ascribes lies to Allaah’s Messenger, will have his abode in Hell-fire etc. I hope your Eminence will explain whether what he has said is true or not. May Allaah protect you!

Answer: The Hadeeth reported by Salmaan is recorded by Ibn Khuzaymah in his Sahih. He said: “Chapter on the merits of the month of Ramadaan, if the narration is authentic”, then added: `Alee ibn Hujr Al-Sa`dee reported that Yoosuf ibn Ziyaad reported that Hammaam ibn Yahyaa reported from `Alee ibn Zayd ibn Jud`aan from Sa`eed ibn Al-Musayyib from Salmaan that he said… read more here.