Exams are not a valid excuse for breaking Sawm in Ramadaan

Question: Is being occupied by exams a valid excuse for breaking Sawm (Fast) during Ramadaan? Here, there is a spread of fataawaa permitting a student who fears that he may be distracted or absent minded to break his Sawm during Ramadaan. Moreover, is it permissible to obey the orders of one’s parents, influenced by such fataawaa permitting breaking the Sawm, to break the Sawm? I hope that Your Eminence will give me a quick reply for such fataawaa have a bad public effect. May Allaah reward you well!

Answer: School exams and such like are not considered valid excuses for breaking Sawm during the daytime of Ramadaan. Moreover, it is not permissible to obey the orders of one’s parents to break Sawm because of exams, for indeed no creature may be obeyed in what constitutes disobedience to the Creator. Rather, obedience (to somebody) is required when he enjoins what is good as stated in the authentic Hadeeth the Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said..read more here.

Concession of breaking Sawm in Ramadaan for a student during exams

Question: I am a student in the third grade of my secondary school. The final exams will be held in Ramadaan, by Allaah’s permission. As you know, during exam days students need energy and they exert more effort because exams are taken on a daily basis. On the other hand, I think that Sawm (Fast) requires comfort and sleep. Is it then permissible for me to break my Sawm during exam days and make up for these days later?

Answer: Breaking Sawm is not permissible for the reason you mentioned. Doing so is Haraam (prohibited) because such a reason is not included in the excuses that allow the breaking of Sawm in Ramadaan..read more here.