Intention materializes by having the resolution to fast

Question: How can a person set the intention of fasting Ramadaan? Does the acknowledgement of the advent of Ramadaan validate Sawm (Fast) during the whole month?

Answer: Intention of fasting Ramadaan is to be set by deciding to fast, and it should be set every more here.

Invalidity of Sawm without a prior intention

Question: Some Muslim brothers who do not have radios to know when the first day of Ramadaan is wait until the morning and continue fasting, is their Sawm (fast) valid or should they make up for it?

Answer: They have done the right thing by offering Sawm for the rest of the day but they have to make up for that more here.

Having the intention of Sawm from the previous night

Question: Should the intention to observe Sawm (Fast) in Ramadaan be made at night, or is it permissible to make it during the daytime? To give an example, if someone is informed at forenoon that today is Ramadaan, should they make up for the Sawm of that day later?

Answer: It is obligatory to make the intention to fast on any day of Ramadaan in the preceding night before dawn. Thus, starting the Sawm in the daytime without making the intention in the preceding night does not discharge the obligation. Accordingly, if someone knows at forenoon that today is a Ramadaan day and then makes the intention to fast, it is obligatory on them to abstain from all invalidations of Sawm until more here.