Curing the feeling of envy toward others

Question: I sometimes feel hardness in my heart and something like inconspicuous Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship) or envy, what is the remedy for this? Moreover, I used to invoke Allaah with the Du’aa’ (supplication) that was said by the Prophet (peace be upon him): O Allaah, I seek refuge with You from associating anything with You knowingly, and I seek Your forgiveness for what I know not. I make Du`aa’ to Allaah also to grant forgiveness and mercy to those whom I envy in order to expiate my sins towards them. Is there any other remedy that cures this dangerous malady?

Answer: You have to observe a lot of Thikr (Remembrance of Allaah), recite the glorious Qur’aan, do many supererogatory acts of `Ibaadah (worship) and keep the company of righteous people… read more here.

How to be cured from an evil eye

Question: Is it permissible to treat the harm caused by the evil (envious) eye using the incense of alum, herbs, leaves, and the like?

Answer: It is not permissible to treat the harm caused by the cast of evil eye with what was mentioned, as they are not among the usual means of treatment… read more here.

The reality of the evil or envious eye

Question: What is the reality of the evil or envious eye? Allaah (Exalted be He) says: “And from the evil of the envier when he envies.” Is the following Hadeeth authentic:One third of those who are in the graves are there because of the evil eye. ? What should someone do and say if they think that they are envied? Will it cure them if they use water with which the envier has washed themselves? Should they drink that water or wash themselves with?

Answer: The Arabic word `Ayn (literally, the eye) is derived from (`Aana – Ya`inu) and refers to when a person harms another by casting an evil eye on him. It usually starts with admiration for something felt by the person who casts an evil eye… read more here.

Influence of Jinn and mankind on one another and the envier on the envied

Question: What is the effect of jinn (creatures created from fire) on humans or humans on jinn and the effects of the evil eye on the envied person?

Answer: The effect of jinn on humans and humans on jinn and the effects of the evil eye on the envied person are well-known facts. But all these things happen by Allaah’s Kawnee (universal) Will and Decree, not by His Shar`ee (legislative) Will [i.e., He wills that it should happen but He does not enjoin it and He is not pleased by such actions]… read more here.