Advice that supports faith and knowledge

Question: First: In light of the proverb, “Wisdom is taught through men’s eloquence”, I ask you to advise me how to strengthen my faith.

Second: I want to acquire knowledge of religion but as this kind of knowledge is not well cared for in Algeria; only a few Muslim brothers are keen on acquiring it. May Allah reward them.

Third: I am working as a builder. The people working with me are not good Muslims. They talk about silly and obscene subjects.

Fourth: I have a friend whose faith is weak. He usually speaks ill of our pious brothers. I feel uncomfortable because of him. I need your advice in this regard.

Answer:  First, we advise you to recite and listen to the Qur’aan regularly attempting to contemplate its meanings as much as you can. If you find difficulty in understanding any Qur’aanic Aayah (verse), you may refer to scholars in your country or you may ask the scholars of Sunnah… read more here.

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