The Attribute of “Coming” of Allaah in the Hadeeth

Question: It is well known that Ta’weel (allegorical interpretation) is one of the controversial issues among the Salaf (righteous predecessors) and the Khalaf (successors). We advocate the view of the Salaf. I was asked about the Hadeeth mentioned by Shaykh Naasir Al-Deen Al-Albaanee when verifying the book entitled Al-Jaami` Al-Sagheer wa Ziyaadattuh written by Al-Suyootee. 

The Hadeeth reads, Last night, my Lord came to me in the most handsome shape and said to me: O Muhammad! Do you know about what Exalted Assembly differ? I said: No. He put His hand between my shoulders until I felt the coldness of His hand in my chest. Consequently, I had knowledge of everything on earth and heaven… 

It is related by Al-Tirmithee and Ahmad from Ibn `Abbaas. Now, what is the meaning of “coming”? Should it be interpreted literally as Allaah came in a manner that befits Him? Should we apply Ta’weel to it as is done by Al-Ashaa`irah school of thought in our country?

Answer: The action of “coming” narrated in this Hadeeth is literally interpreted. Allaah comes in a manner befitting His Majesty which is not similar to that of His creatures. We do not make Ta’weel of this action to be the coming of His mercy or an angel… read more here.

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