The Attribute of Al-Wujood

Question: I have not found the name “Al-Mawjood” (One that is given existence) among Allaah’s Names and Attributes, but I have found the Name “Al-Waajid” (One that gives existence to others). 

I know linguistically, in Arabic, that a Mawjood requires a Mujid (another derivative that also means a being that gives existence), as there has to be a being that performs every action. However, it is impossible that Allaah has a Mujid.

I also noticed that Al-Wajid has the same meaning as Al-Khaaliq (the Creator) and that Al-Mawjood has the same meaning as Al-Makhlooq (the creature). As there is a Mujid for every Mawjood and there is a Khaaliq for every Makhlooq, am I, therefore, permitted to describe Allaah with the Attribute of Al-Mawjood?

Answer: The Wujood (existence) of Allaah is a well-established religious matter by necessity, and it is one of Allaah’s Attributes according to the Muslim Ijmaa` (consensus). In fact, no rational person denies this; even the Mushrikoon (those who associate others with Allaah in worship) do not dispute this. Only a Thaahree atheist (one who believes all matter is eternal and denies the Day of Resurrection) would deny it… read more here.

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