Authenticity of the Ahaadeeth mentioning Al-Dajjaal

Question: Are there any Ahaadeeth mentioning the appearance of Al-Maseeh-ul-Dajjaal (the Antichrist)? Are these Ahaadeeth ranked as Saheeh (a Hadeeth that has been transmitted by people known for their uprightness and exactitude; free from eccentricity and blemish), Hasan (a Hadeeth whose chain of narration contains a narrator with weak exactitude, but is free from eccentricity or blemish), or Da`eef (a Hadeeth that fails to reach the status of Hasan, due to a weakness in the chain of narration or one of the narrators)?

Answer: There are Ahaadeeth that are Saheeh and Mutawaatir (Hadeeth reported by a significant number of narrators throughout the chain of narration, whose agreement upon a lie is impossible) about the appearance of Al-Maseeh-ul-Dajjaal… read more here.

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