The so-called Salaat Al-Faatih

Question: The Al-Teejaaniyyah sect has their own supplication called Salaat Al-Faatih, which they consider to be better than reciting the Qur’aan. Is this true? Moreover, on Friday before Maghrib (Sunset) Salaah and after Subh (Dawn) Salaah, they circle around a piece of cloth on which, they claim, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and Ahmad Al-Teejaanee sit. During such times they recite the supplication called Salaat Al-Faatih. Please, provide evidence and clarify if this practice is proper.

Answer: All their claims are false. Moreover, their deeds are null and void and are considered to be Bid’ahs (rejected innovation in religion)… read more here.


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