The Bid`ah of chanting Thikr in various ways after Salaah

Question: I came from North Africa to work here in the KSA. I ask Your Eminence to enlighten me. I am a Sufi; one of my shaykhs has ordered me to glorify Allaah after Subh and Maghrib prayers. The group of this shaykh form circles of Thikr (remembrance of Allaah) that begin after `Ishaa’ prayer.

In such circles they do the following: they start saying Allaah’s greatest Name, i.e. Allaah, prolonging and accenting it along with some other utterances of Thikr. Afterwards, we stand up on the rooftop and chant the word “Allaah” till its letters fade away to merely become “Ah Ah”. I, like some friends of mine, became charmed with it. People used to call us the Kittah party.

Kindly, guide me, is Thikr in such a manner correct that I may go on doing it or I had better abandon it? People claim that there is no mention of this Kittah in the Qur’aan or Sunnah.

Answer: It is impermissible to follow the way of the Shaykh you mentioned above or to glorify Allaah in such a manner, for this is one of the Bid‘ah (innovations) introduced into the religion… read more here.

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