Curing obsession and Satan’s plots

Question: I am a Muslim youth who has recently adopted the religious acts and behaviors. I suffer from many setbacks due to insinuating whispers of Satan, and the more I get rid of one, the more I become a victim of another. After I managed to take one step forward in my eemaan, I realized how I am better than others in matters of adhering to religious teachings. However, I began to suddenly feel that they precede me in their commitment and obedience to Allaah. Moreover, I found myself going all the way back in terms of my adherence to religious duties which I strived hard to maintain. Truly, I resist my insinuating self and such devilish whispers by all possible means, but to my agony, no one feels the inward pain that tears me apart, or even knows all the false thoughts that Satan tempts me with. This kind of relentless obsession stays with me in every step, and everywhere; in the Masjid (mosque), in the street, even at home and school. Is there anyone whom Allaah might make him a reason for helping me against this obsession?

Answer: We advise you to get rid of these obsessions as much as you can and recite Qur’aan more frequently, do good deeds, turn to Allaah and seek refuge in Him, supplicate to Him in du`aa’, hoping that He may ward off these whispers and save you from the traps of Satan, and make you steadfast in adhering to the Truth… read more here.

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