Muslims should not judge with certainty that others will be dwellers of the Hell

Question: One of the educated Buddhist young women recently embraced Islaam after a comprehensive study that lasted for seven years. She is active in the field of Da`wah (calling to Islaam). She was one of the causes behind the conversion of some men and women to Islaam. In one of her rounds with some of the new converts to Islam for the sake of spreading and calling to Islam, she was asked by a Buddhist: “How can you say that non-Muslims will enter Hellfire when we do not know anything about Islaam until now. Will our fathers be in Hellfire? How is it their fault, if Muslims did not convey the true religion to them?” This sister in Islaam called us and wants a conclusive answer for the issue raised by this man who entered Islaam after that meeting.

Answer: Muslims do not say that non-Muslims will be in Hellfire unless they reject the message of Islaam and Qur’aan after it has been conveyed to them by the callers of Islam through their many languages. Allaah (Exalted be He) says… read more here.

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