Can a Muslim’s ignorance of Creed be excused?

Question: In our country, the worship of graves is rampant;there are many advocates who claim that the worshippers of graves among Muslims will be excused for their ignorance. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with establishing marriage relationships with them, being led by them in congregational Salaah (Prayer). Briefly, they should be treated as Muslims. Moreover, these advocates denounce any one who describes grave worshippers as disbelievers and label them as innovators. They claim that your Eminence excuse grave worshippers for their ignorance and that you approve a memorandum prepared by a person called Al-Ghubashy, in which he seeks excuses for the grave worshippers due to their ignorance. Would you please send us a clear-cut statement showing the cases in which someone can be excused for their ignorance? Kindly, provide a list of some related references that can be consulted on this particular question. Many thanks for your efforts!

Answer: Excusing someone due to ignorance of some religious issues depends on the way he was informed, the clarity of the issue in question, and the varying levels of understanding… read more here.


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