Trade Partnerships with non-Muslims

Question: We live in Australia, a country that clearly admits its secular identity that secures freedom of religion and atheism; nevertheless, the broadcast media, whether television or radio, is clothed in the garb of Judo-Christian values. A simple observer can easily see this. The proportion of Muslims to other inhabitants of the country is one to thirty two. We, as Muslims, sometimes have to go to their centers, their places of worship, and attend funerals of friends or officials, and similar cases needed due to work conditions and responsibilities. Sometimes, a non-Muslim may come to our houses and eat with us. Sometimes, they ask us to allow them to see inside our Masjids (mosques) and enter them.(Of course, while respecting the Islaamic relevant etiquette, like their taking off their shoes or wearing head scarves by women). So what is the ruling of Sharee‘ah (Islaamic law) on the following:

1- Entering a non-Muslim’s house.
2- Attending their religious ceremonies.
3- Entering into trade partnership with them.
4- Entertaining them.
5- Their coming to our places of worship.
6- May they deliver speeches in our Masjids?
7- May they deliver a speech in our celebrations in the lecture room outside the Masjid?
8- Is it permissible for us to meet them ( Jews or Christians) in general gatherings organized by the Australian state or any of the governmental institutions where each party delivers a speech on religious issues like (Peace in Religions), (Mercy in Religions), (The Meaning of Worship in Religions) etc.?

Answer: Firstly, it is permissible to go to the non-Muslims’ houses to reconcile their hearts, advise, and guide them and for similar good purposes, but not out of closeness and alliance… read more here.


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