Is this man still judged to be a Muslim or outside the pale of Islaam?

Question: What is the opinion of the knowledgeable scholars on a man who contradicts decisive texts from the Qur’aan and authentic Hadeeth? Upon receiving advice and admonition, he says: “There is nothing wrong with what I do.” If he judges among people, he gives false judgments contradicting the Qur’aan and Hadeeth. This ruler rarely performs Salaah (Prayer) or Sawm (Fast). Moreover, he allies himself with disbelievers, wicked people and followers of corrupted creeds. He permits what has been forbidden by Allaah, like vowing to other than Allaah, drinking alcohol, dealing in Ribaa (usury/interest), taking bribes, dishonest and illegal transactions. He also mocks the religiously committed sincere scholars. He says that they are crazy people. Moreover, he seeks to be a ruler by rallying people around him, through lavish spending on them.People are inclined in his favor because he brings them benefits such as acquitting criminals, jailing their opponents and punishing innocent people. After winning, he makes illegal intercession with judges to acquit criminals and punish innocent people. He lavishes his money on evil things. People come to congratulate him, singing and beating drums. Is supporting or allying oneself with such a person permissible or prohibited in the purified Sharee‘ah? Is this man still judged to be a Muslim or outside the pale of Islaam? Guide us to the truth! May Allaah grant you the best reward in the everlasting abode. I am submitting this question to spread your answer on it all over Pakistan. Therefore, we beg for a speedy answer from your eminence.

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned, then the person in question who has such a character is a Kaafir (disbeliever), whose Kufr (disbelief) has cast him outside the pale of Islaam. It is unlawful to support or ally oneself with him… read more here.

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