Rendering Haraam as Halaal and Halaal as Haraam

Question: A dispute has arisen between our Muslim brothers in Turkey, regarding the Hadeeth that states, “Whoever renders Haraam (the prohibited) to be Halaal (lawful) and Halaal to be Haraam has become a Kaafir (disbeliever).” If a person renders Haraam as Halaal or vice versa, will they be considered as a Kaafir or a sinner? What does the word “Kafara (become a Kaafir)” mean in the Hadeeth or is there no difference between its meaning and the meaning of the word “Kaafir”? We hope that Your Eminence will give us a convincing answer regarding this Hadeeth.

Answer: Firstly, we do not know the basis of this Hadeeth and none of the well-known Imaams (compilers of Hadeeth) related it, whether by a Sanad (chain of narrators) that is considered Saheeh (authentic) or Da`eef (weak). In this case, it is not to be relied or acted upon… read more here.

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