Studying positive laws and working as an attorney

Question: We are preoccupied with some issues, including studying law at the Faculty of Law. The Muslims strongly disagree on this issue. I ask that Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He) guide you to clarify this issue for us, which includes:

(1) The ruling on studying positive (man-made) laws.
(2) The ruling on working as an attorney or a judge.

Answer: If the person who wants to study man-made laws possesses the intellectual and academic capacity to distinguish truth from falsehood and is guarded by his Islaam against deviation from truth and attraction towards falsehood, and his intention for studying them is to compare the laws of Islaam with man-made laws in order to show the advantages of Islaam and its encompassment of all that people need to correct their worldly and religious affairs, standing as entirely sufficient, and by way of upholding truth and negating falsehood, and to refute the claims of the uprightness, perfection and sufficiency of man-made laws – if this is the case, it is permissible to study them… read more here.

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