Obeying Allaah in His Legislations

Question: One of the idol worshippers met us and said: “Allaah has sent His Prophet (peace be upon him) to all people as a bringer of good tidings and a warner. Allaah ordered him to prevent idol worshipping. But He left Al-Hajar Al-Aswad (The Black Stone in the southeastern corner of the Ka`bah from which Muslims begin circumambulation) in the corner of Ka`bah to be kissed and visited and that people may perform Du`aa’ (supplication to Allaah) there. Why did He leave Al-Hajar Al-Aswad? He did so because those who offer `Ibaadah (worship) to idols do not intend idols with `Ibadah. But they offer `Ibaadah to idols to be a means between Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He) and them.” He added: “If this is so, then Al-Hajar Al-Aswad and the idols are similar.” Therefore, I sent you this question in order to know your answer that I may be guided and guide others.

Answer: `Ibaadah is to obey Allaah, carry out His commands, abstain from what He prohibits, obey the commands of the Prophet (peace be upon him), follow his example in the good deeds he did, regard as lawful what He considers to be lawful and to regard as unlawful what He decreed to be unlawful… read more here.


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