Putting photos on ID cards

Question: People have to include a personal photograph in Identification Cards, Family Records, Driving Licenses, Social Insurance papers, Exam Forms in schools and universities, Passports and the like. Is it permissible to take photographs for this purpose? If it is not permissible, what should the employee do in his job? Should he leave it?

Answer: Photography is Haraam (prohibited) according to the Saheeh Ahaadeeth (Ahaadeeth that have been transmitted by people known for their uprightness and exactitude; free from eccentricity and blemish) reported from Allaah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) where he cursed Al-Musawwiroon (painters, drawers, sculptors, and subsequently photographers) and mentioned that they will receive the severest punishment on the day of judgment… read more here.

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