Death and life predestined by Allaah

Question: Some Yemeni tribes believe that if an elderly lady who is stricken in years looks at any young man or woman, or even a male or female child, she will capture their soul, and if she wills, she can bring them back to life. Is this belief based on any evidence from the Book of Allaah or the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace be upon him), or any of the Messenger’s Sahaabah (Companions of the Prophet)? Moreover, any lady accused of this will be cast out by her children or providers and will be left in the open under the scorching sun. There is a man who is said to find out if an elderly lady is really a “soul taker” or just a normal lady. Kindly answer our question. May Allaah reward you!

Answer: We know no solid proof concerning the two kinds of men and women mentioned above from the sanctified Sharee`ah; it is not permissible even to think of the existence of such things… read more here.


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