Obedience to parents while disobeying Allaah

Question: A young lady wants to wear Niqaab (face veil), knowing that it is Fard (obligatory, based on a definitive text), but her parents refuse and tell her that her obedience to them is also a Fard that takes precedence over wearing Niqaab. Are the parents right? Does this mean that she should abandon wearing Niqaab? How could this be in accordance with the Messenger’s saying, Anyone who turns away from my Sunnah is not one of my (followers). Moreover, even though Niqaab is Waajib (obligatory, based on a speculative text), it is known that Fard is the same as Waajib according to the Four Schools of Jurisprudence, except for that of Imaam Maalik who maintained that Waajib comes in intermediate status between Fard and Nafilah (supererogatory).

Kindly give us your Fatwaa in this regard. If wearing Niqaab is Fard, how can this girl abide by that obligation, while her father threatens to pull her Niqaab off in public if he sees her wearing it. He takes this attitude because he thinks that wearing Niqaab will jeopardize the girl’s brothers.

Answer: It should be known that obedience to parents is obligatory provided that what they request is reasonable and approved by the Sharee`ah (Islaamic law). If obedience to parents leads to committing sins, then there should be no obedience to them… read more here.

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