Believing in Al-Shaadhiliyyah order

Question: There is a Sufi order called “Al-Shaadhiliyyah”. Its members do not perform Salaah (prayer), nor Sawm (fasting), nor pay Zakaah (obligatory charity). They have a person whom they call “Sayyidunaa” (our master) and regard him as their lord who will secure them in the Hereafter and forgive them everything which they have committed in their worldly life. These people gather on Mondays and Fridays mornings and on Thursdays and Sundays evenings. My father forces me to follow this order and gets angry when he sees me praying or fasting. He often says to me, “Sayyidunaa (our master) will forgive us everything and will protect us from the torment of Hellfire and we will definitely be of the people of Paradise.” Of course this is a false belief, because he is a human just like them. What should I do? Please guide me! I believe that Allaah is my Lord, Muhammad is Allaah’s Prophet and Messenger, Islaam is my religion and I observe its Five Pillars. If I obey my father I will disobey my Creator Who (Exalted be He) says in the Qur’aan (regarding parents what means): …say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them If I disobey my father, he becomes angry with me all the time and keeps fighting with me to make me follow this order. It should be noted that I cannot afford my own living expenses and I receive no support from my family except from my mother.

Please guide me to what I should do to please my Lord and avoid the anger of my father who does not believe in Salaah and Sawm, or more correctly the religion of Islaam.

Answer: If the situation is as you have mentioned and your father and the followers of this order do not perform Salaah and believe that their so-called master or shaykh is their lord who guarantees them Paradise and forgives them all their sins, they are disbelievers… read more here.


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