Visiting the graves to supplicate to the dead or ask for their help or intercession

Question: I found contradictory and controversial Hadeeth in the book: “Shifaa’ Al-Siqam fee Ziyarat Khayr Al-Anam” by Shaykh Taqee Al-Deen Al-Subkee Al-Shaafi`ee, in the chapter on Tawassul (supplicating to Allaah through a means) through the Prophet (peace be upon him) and seeking his help and intercession, specifically between pages 160 and 178. Please advise us about this book, especially the chapter on Tawassul.

Answer: Visiting graves is a Sunnah (commendable act) as the Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged it and frequently visited them himself. It is done to gain warnings and lessons, to remember death, and to supplicate to Allaah to forgive and have mercy upon the dead Muslims… read more here.


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