Ruling on building over graves

Question: In our country, there are many graves, on some of which there are black and white stones. People build on them and argue that they do not build on the graves of men who killed many people and then were killed, but only on the graves of people who had a good reputation. I think that it is wrong to build on graves; therefore, I have decided to demolish these buildings. Is it permissible to do so? Does this deserve punishment from Allaah? Please enlighten me, may Allaah reward you with the best reward!

Answer: Building on graves is an abominable Bid‘ah (innovation in religion) that involves excessive veneration of those who are buried there. It is also a means that can lead to Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship). It is therefore obligatory for a Muslim ruler or his representative to order the removal of these buildings on graves and that they be leveled to the ground, to end this Bid‘ah and to block the means to Shirk… read more here.

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