Building Mosques over graves

Question: What is the Tafseer (exegesis of the meanings) of Allaah’s Saying (that can be translated as): And thus We made their case known (to the people), that they might know that the Promise of Allaah is true, and that there can be no doubt about the Hour. (Remember) when they (the people of the city) disputed among themselves about their case, they said: “Construct a building over them; their Lord knows best about them;” (then) those who won their point said (most probably the disbelievers): “We verily shall build a place of worship over them.” So, what is meant by: Construct a building over them And: We verily shall build a place of worship over them. We have heard from you that it is forbidden to build over graves, but is this not evidence of the permissibility of building over them?

Answer: As you have heard from us, it is Haraam (prohibited) to build Masaajid (mosques) over graves, on the authority of the numerous evidence that indicates this ruling and due to the fact that this could be a means that would lead to the worship of their occupants besides Allaah… read more here.


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