The vision attributed to the attendant of the Prophet’s grave

Question: This question is about some advice that came from Makkah, from Haajjee `Abdullaah ibn Mustafaa, who said, “I was sleeping when I saw the Messenger (peace be upon him) who commanded me to convey this message to all Muslims that they should believe and cooperate with one another. Anyone who reads this message should write it eight times; those who do not spread it will be punished by illness, but those who do spread it will rejoice after ten days. If any one writes to refute this, they will be punished by dying as a Kaafir (disbeliever).” Is this true or is it a lie? Also, what is the ruling on people who visit the domes built over graves, bringing with them some chickens or sheep to slaughter near the shrine of a dead person, saying: “This deceased person is a saint.”? Is this Haraam (unlawful) or Halaal (lawful)?

Answer: Firstly: This is a false Ru’yaa (vision) and a baseless story, and is of the same type of the fabricated vision that was once attributed to the attendant of the Prophet’s grave… read more here.


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