Ruling on a person who dies as Kaafir

Question: What do you think of the claim of some People that whoever commit themselves to the Message of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and face the Qiblah (Ka`bah-direction faced in Prayer) in Salaah (Prayer) is a Muslim and even if they make Sujood (Prostration) to their shaykhs, they will not be considered Kaafirs (disbelievers) or be called Mushriks (people who associate others in worship with Allaah). These people even claim that Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhaab was wrong when he stated that those who commit polytheistic acts will be consigned to eternal punishment unless they repent. They maintain that the Mushriks among Muslims will be tortured (for a while) then will enter Jannah (Paradise). None of the followers of Muhammad (i.e.) Muslims will remain eternally in Hell.”

Answer: Those who believe in the message of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and in the ordinances of sharee`ah (Islaamic law), and make Sujood to anyone other than Allaah e.g. a Walee (pious man), a dead person, or a shaykh are considered apostates and Mushriks even if they utter the two testimonies of faith in their Sujood because they act contradictory to their utterances… read more here.


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