Making unlawful Thikr a means of protection

Question: Dear Shaykh, a sheet of paper was thrown onto the road, and I wanted to remove it but I checked it first to know whether it contained Qur’aan. Please give me a detailed explanation for the content of that paper and tell me if it is lawful or not?

The paper read: “This should be engraved in a golden ring, perfumed with aloes (wood) and ambergris and worn in a state of full purification. Then, Allaah’s Names ”Alee ‘Atheem (the Most High, the Most Great) should be mentioned 1130 times after every obligatory Salaah (Prayer) for one week starting from Fajr (Dawn) Prayer of the first Friday of the month and ending on Thursday after `Ishaa’ (Night) Prayer. Thereupon, the Two Names should be mentioned after every obligatory Salaah as much as you can. This will uncover for you wonderful and invaluable secrets that should not be enclosed to anybody, including your son, lest they are misused to harm the servants of Allaah.”

Answer: It is not permissible to do any of what is mentioned in the question or to use it as a charm or an amulet… read more here.

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