Slaughtering animals to cure diseases

Question: My wife is affected with a physical illness called “Al-Zar.” It is a type of epilepsy which is a result of our friendship with some people suffering from the same illness. When they love or befriend someone, they transfer it to them. If a person catches it, they will not be cured until one of those friends treats them.

The question is: My wife wants me to offer a sacrifice to Allaah to cure her from this illness. As I don’t know whether this is intended for Allaah or her friend, I refused. However, she mortgaged her jewelry to offer a sacrifice. Is this permissible or not? What should I do? Answer me please. May Allaah reward you!

Answer: Offering sacrifice for anyone other than Allaah is considered an act of Shirk Akbar (major form of associating others in worship with Allaah). The Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed those who offered sacrifices for anyone other than Allaah… read more here.

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