Refuting claims about supplicating to the deceased and the diacritical marks and dots of the Qur’aan

Question: Some of the followers of Bid`ahs (innovations in religion), from among those who call upon the dead, wondered: “How can you claim that the dead avail nothing, although Moosaa (Moses, peace be upon him) availed us and he was the reason behind reducing the daily obligatory prayers from fifty to five.” Others also said: “How can you say that every Bid`ah (innovation in religion) is a misguidance! Then what do you say about those who added diacritical marks and dots to the Qur’aan, and it all happened after the lifetime of the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him)?” How can we answer them?

Answer: Firstly, The original ruling is that the dead do not hear the call of people who call upon them and they cannot answer these calls or talk to the living, even if they were prophets… read more here.


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