Supplicating to other than Allaah though observing the pillars of Islaam

Question: There is a man who observes Sawm (fasting), Salaah (Prayer) and all the other Pillars of Islaam, but in spite of that he calls upon other than Allaah, for he beseeches or seeks to draw close to Allaah (Tawassul) by means of Awliyaa’ (pious people) and seeks their help, and believes that they are able to bring benefit and repel harm.

Tell us, may Allaah reward you with good, do their children who believe in the Oneness of Allaah and associate nothing with Him inherit from them? Also, what is the ruling on them?

Answer: If a person observes Sawm, Salaah and all the Pillars of Islaam, but seeks the help of the dead, the absent ones, the angels and so on, he is considered a Mushrik (those who associate others with Allaah in worship)… read more here.

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