Postponing missed fasts of Ramadaan due to giving birth till becoming unable to fast

Question: A woman missed the fasts of three months of Ramadaan during which she gave birth to children. However, she has not made up for them yet in spite of the passage of 19 or 20 years. Nevertheless, she still remembers her obligation and is willing to discharge it but cannot do so, because she is ill. Bearing in mind that she is unable to fast, what should she do?

Answer: If this woman’s illness is contingently curable, she should wait until she is cured and then make up for the missed Ramadaan fasts. If she delayed making up for fast until a subsequent Ramadaan came, without a valid excuse, she should feed a poor person for each day she missed 1.5 kg of wheat, rice, or the like, in addition to making up for the missed days… read more here.

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