Breaking compensatory Sawm, thinking it is the same as voluntary Sawm

Question: I did not observe Sawm (Fast) on one of the days of Ramadaan because of an illness. Afterwards, I made up for that day, but at ten o’clock in the morning on that day, some guests visited me at home and I broke my Sawm, as I thought that compensatory Sawm carries the same ruling as voluntary Sawm. Then, in a religious session I heard that I was mistaken for doing so, and the preacher told me to ask Your Eminence. I hope to know the ruling on what I have done, and what I should do.

Answer: Whoever commences an obligatory Sawm like making up for a missed day of Ramadaan or any other obligatory Sawm like that for vowing or for an oath is forbidden to break their Sawm without a Shar`ee (Islaamically lawful) excuse, because when one commences an obligatory Sawm, he has to complete it unless he has a Shar`ee excuse… read more here.

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