Kaffaarah should be paid for each missed day of fast

Question: I had sexual intercourse with my wife twice in the blessed month of Ramadaan, 1403 AH. And another time on one day from the blessed month in 1407 A.H. Anyway, I made up for these days after the end of each Ramadaan, but I did not observe the due Kaffaarah for them. Because I worked in a remote area where there was no electricity and roads were rugged, I could not fast two successive months. I hope you will give me a suitable solution to my case.

Moreover, I want to ask whether I should offer Kaffaarah by feeding sixty poor persons for each day or for all the days at once, because they were separated. In addition, what is the quantity of the Kaffarah and is it allowable to spend it in charitable acts, such as building a mosque or a house for some poor people?

I hope you will give me a written answer. May Allaah reward you with all good for Islaam and Muslims. He is the All-Hearing and All-Answering. Thanks very much.

Answer: If the case is as you mentioned, you are obliged to make up for these three days, repent to Allaah (Exalted be He), and ask Him for forgiveness. In addition, you are charged with three expiations because sexual intercourse took place on separate days… read more here.


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