Does donating blood during the daytime in Ramadaan invalidate Sawm?

Question: Blood donation during the blessed month of Ramadaan.

A- Does donating blood during the daytime in Ramadaan invalidate Sawm (Fast), particularly if we know that giving blood does not affect the fasting person and one can go on with daily life very normally?

B- Does donating blood during the daytime in Ramadaan invalidate Sawm if such donation causes unconsciousness? Cases of unconsciousness rarely occur and are caused by lack of blood to the brain. Thus, the legs of the donor should be raised and the head should be kept down until the donor regains consciousness without any negative side effects; however, these are very normal cases.

C- There is another type of blood donation, which is to donate some of the blood components and return the unneeded components to the body of the donor. This is a new method called APHERESIS, where a high-tech device draws a limited amount of blood from the donor and then immediately separates the blood components from one another and retains the needed components, such as plasma or platelets, while the red and white blood cells and other cells are returned to the body of the donor with the addition of a chemical substance to the amount returned to the donor. This chemical substance prevents blood clots because it is transfused with the blood cells into the body of the donor as mentioned. This process repeats itself from four to five times during a period of about one hour, during which the donor rests on the device until the process is completed, the needed amount of blood cells is drawn, and the remainder is returned to the donor.

Does this type of blood donation break the Sawm of a Muslim, knowing that this technique is less taxing on the body of the donorthan the regular method?

Answer: Blood donation breaks Sawm because it is similar to cupping. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is authentically reported to have said: The cupper and the cupped have broken their Sawm. The same ruling applies to the person who receives the blood transfusion, as this will break their Sawm... read more here.


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