Treating the teeth during the daytime of Ramadaan for training the dentistry students

Question: If it is preferable for a dental patient to delay treatment until nighttime, then dentistry students will not find patients to practice on during the daytime of Ramadaan, because the study is only during the daytime. If this is the case, is it considered a justification for the dental patient to accept treatment during the daytime in spite of the possibility of swallowing blood or water or taking a shot of anesthesia for treatment?

Answer: If the purpose of teeth treatment during the daytime of Ramadaan is only for practicing dentistry without the patient’s need for this treatment, then in order to be on the safe side, dental treatment should better be avoided during the daytime, and the dental practice should be delayed until after Ramadaan in order to protect the Sawm (Fast)... read more here.


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