A woman putting her hand into her vagina for cleansing

Question:  I am a woman who was ignorant that when a woman puts her hand into her vagina for cleansing, this renders Sawm (Fast) invalid. I continued to do so for many years. Now I am making up for the missed days of Ramadaan. Is it Waajib (obligatory) on me to offer a Kaffaarah (expiation) by feeding the needy? What is the amount of such a Kaffaarah? It is worth mentioning that I did so out of ignorance and I cannot observe Sawm except in winter.

Answer: The act of putting the hand into the vagina does not render Sawm invalid unless it results in sexual discharge out of sexual desire. When it results in sexual discharge, it renders Sawm invalid, and it is Waajib on a woman to make up for it only... read more here.

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